Norwegians to Trump, we don’t want to move to the U.S.

OSLO, Norway — On a quiet winter morning, Ingvild Rosseland walked her two dogs through a snowy forest in Huk, a public park in the capital of Norway — a country recently designated by President Donald Trump as not being a “shithole.” The president used the vulgarity while referring to immigration from African nations, and … Read more

African nations slam Trump’s vulgar remarks as ‘racist’

The wave of international outrage grew Saturday against the vulgar language President Donald Trump used when referring to immigration from African nations, with Ghana’s president saying he would “not accept such insults, even from a leader of a friendly country, no matter how powerful.” President Nana Akufo-Addo tweeted an unflinching defense of the African continent … Read more

Left vs. Right: State pols set to battle over voter rights, guns and unions

New year, new fights. As state legislatures across the country prepare to go into session, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are primed to tackle — and clash over — specific solutions to new problems and old troubles that haven’t been dealt with. Progressive legislators are focused on legalizing marijuana and passing gun control, … Read more

Iceland is out to end its gender pay gap. Can the U.S. follow?

More than half a century after the Equal Pay Act became law, a woman in the United States earns on average just 79 cents for every dollar a man makes — a stubborn gap that is expected to persist until 2059. But one country is determined to end such income disparity, whatever it takes. Iceland, … Read more

What the Hell Is HDR — and Is It Worth Buying a New TV For?

Apple If in the past couple years you’ve gone shopping for TVs, or casually browsed Amazon TV listings, or read any tech site, you’ve almost definitely been exposed to the acronym “HDR.” Odds are also good that you don’t know what it is because it’s a very tough concept to explain. That, somehow, has not … Read more

Sean Penn: ‘Sh-thole’ Comments Make Donald Trump ‘An Enemy of Mankind’

Getty Images In a blistering op-ed for Time on Friday, Sean Penn called president Donald Trump “an enemy of mankind” and “an enemy of the state” over reported remarks about Haiti, El Salvador and African nations that have been widely condemned as racist. On Thursday, the Washington Post reported that President Trump asked, during a meeting … Read more

Daniel Radcliff Compares WB to NFL Over Johnny Depp ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Casting

Getty Someone finally asked Daniel Radcliff what he thinks about the casting of Johnny Depp in the “Harry Potter” spin-off franchise “Fantastic Beasts.” His answer: it reminds him of the NFL’s zero-tolerance policy on smoking weed, but relative tolerance for far worse behavior from the league’s biggest players. In November, a social media campaign called … Read more

Rebecca Hall Donates Salary From Woody Allen Movie to #TIMESUP

Getty Images Actress Rebecca Hall has donated her salary from Woody Allen’s upcoming movie “A Rainy Day in New York” to the anti-harassment initiative #TIMESUP. “It’s a small gesture and not one intended as close to compensation but I’ve donated my wage to @timesup,” Hall wrote in an Instagram post on Friday. “I’ve also signed up, will … Read more

WWE Superstar Paige Told She Has to Retire After Neck Injury (Report)

WWE Paige’s blossoming WWE career may be over following an injury the superstar suffered on Dec. 28 during a live event match in Uniondale, New York. It is now unlikely that she will be cleared by the WWE to return to in-ring competition, according to a report from PWInsider’s Mike Johnson.  Paige — whose real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis … Read more

Trump's Statement On Canceled London Visit Is Full Of Falsehoods

LONDON ― President Donald Trump offered a classically Trumpian explanation for why he canceled his upcoming trip to the U.K.: the construction of a new U.S. embassy in the British capital represents a bad deal, and he wants nothing to do with it. “Reason I canceled my trip to London is that I am not a big fan of … Read more