‘Venom’ Fans Enraged Over Teaser Trailer That Didn’t, Um, Show Venom

Sony “Venom” fans are pretty crestfallen right now. That’s because the first teaser trailer for the highly anticipated comic book film failed to actually show the character. “Ah, now eventually you DO plan to have Venom in your, in your VENOM movie, right? Hello?” wrote one fan, while another said, “How can you tease the … Read more

Michelle Williams Praises Mark Wahlberg, WME for #TimesUp Donation

Michelle Williams has responded to the combined $2 million donation from her “All the Money in the World” co-star Mark Wahlberg and his agency William Morris Endeavor to #Time’sUp, the legal defense fund founded in response to the #MeToo movement. “Today isn’t about me,” Williams said in statement Saturday night. “My fellow actresses stood by … Read more

Tom Hardy Is Eddie Brock in First Official ‘Venom’ Image (Photo)

Have you been dying to see Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock in the upcoming film “Venom?” Well, the first official image from the movie is here! In the image, first obtained by IGN, Hardy is in full reporter mode. Images of Hardy post-transformation are being kept under wraps. “Venom” is from Sony’s Marvel Universe of … Read more

Rose McGowan Calls Stars Who Wore Black to Golden Globes ‘Hollywood Fakery’

Getty Hollywood came together in solidarity at Sunday’s Golden Globes to protest sexual misconduct by wearing head-to-toe black — but Rose McGowan called it “Hollywood fakery.” Actress Asia Argento, herself a Harvey Weinstein accuser, tweeted at McGowan on Sunday: “No one should forget that you were the first one who broke the silence. Anyone who … Read more