‘Jessica Jones’ Twitter Mocks Everyone’s New Obsession With Octopus DNA

One of the most interesting moments of “Jessica Jones” Season 2 doesn’t take place in a dark alley or in the middle of a fist fight. It takes the show’s hard-drinking detective to an aquarium, in an attempt to find a scientist who’s obsessed with octopuses. In Episode 5 of “Jessica Jones” Season 2 on … Read more

‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Shows Fans the Origins of Superhero Hellcat

(Note: This post contains spoilers for the finale of “Jessica Jones” Season 2.) “Jessica Jones” spends its second season dealing with the origins of Jessica’s superpowers, but it also sets up the beginnings of another superhero: Hellcat. In the Marvel comics, Hellcat’s alter-ego is Patsy Walker. “Jessica Jones” fans know Patsy as Trish Walker (Rachael … Read more

What the Hell Is HDR — and Is It Worth Buying a New TV For?

Apple If in the past couple years you’ve gone shopping for TVs, or casually browsed Amazon TV listings, or read any tech site, you’ve almost definitely been exposed to the acronym “HDR.” Odds are also good that you don’t know what it is because it’s a very tough concept to explain. That, somehow, has not … Read more