‘New Girl’: Dermot Mulroney Returns to Shame Jess Into a Fake Engagement (Exclusive Video)

Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel), your nose is growing. The seventh and final season of “New Girl” begins Tuesday with a premiere that picks up approximately three years after last year’s finale, and sees Jess and the gang having progressed significantly in their respective lives. Well, most of them have. In the preview clip above from … Read more

Dylan McDermott Meets Dermot Mulroney on ‘LA to Vegas’ to End 30 Years of Confusion

Dylan McDermott. Dermot Mulroney. Yes, we see how those names are similar, but that doesn’t mean the actors who go by them are the same person. However, the confusion surrounding these stars has gone on for decades and escalated to the point there was once a “Saturday Night Live” skit about the misconception. But that … Read more