‘SNL’ Weekend Update’s Colin Jost on McCabe Firing: ‘Even the Joker Is Like, You Don’t Treat People Like That’ (Video)

NBC It was a busy week in the world of politics, and as has become very common the last couple seasons, Weekend Update on “SNL” has had to be just as busy to keep up with everything going on. This week, hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost dealt with Donald Trump’s firing of FBI deputy … Read more

‘SNL’: Bill Hader Brings Stefon Back to Weekend Update (Video)

With former “SNL” cast member Bill Hader returning to host the show this week, they couldn’t help but have him make an appearance on Weekend Update as his enormously popular recurring character Stefon. Stefon showed up on Weekend Update to talk about New York party spots where tourists could spend the last few hours of … Read more

‘SNL’ Weekend Update Host Michael Che: Trump-Kim Jong Un Meeting Could Be ‘Greatest Episode of Scared Straight Ever’ (Video)

The Weekend Update segment of this week’s “SNL” kicked off by talking about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s invitation to Donald Trump to meet and discuss his country’s potential nuclear disarmament. “In a stunning turn of events, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un agreed to meet in May with Donald Trump, or whoever is … Read more

‘SNL’ Weekend Update Congratulates Trump for ‘Managing to Keep Our Government Open for Almost One Whole Year’ (Video)

NBC Weekend Update on this week’s “SNL,” of course, kicked off by taking shots at President Donald Trump for the government shutdown down on Friday night. “Congratulations to President Trump for managing to keep our government open for almost one whole year,” said Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost, noting that Trump is blaming Minority Leader … Read more

‘SNL’: ‘Weekend Update’ Says ‘Shithole’ Despite NBC Censors Asking Not To

NBC Colin Jost defied the NBC censors on “Weekend Update” in the first “SNL” episode after the show’s holiday break, using Donald Trump’s word “shithole” on air. “The book ‘Fire and Fury,’ a salacious expose of the Trump White House, was released last week,” Jost said to start the segment. “And then this week, the … Read more