22 Times ‘Solo’ Recycled Moments From the Original ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy

The new Disney era of “Star Wars” is well known at this point for its incessant nods to old “Star Wars” movies, and “Solo: A Star Wars Story” is the most referential of these movies yet. Below you’ll find our list of 22 times “Solo” reused, repurposed or just referenced the original “Star Wars” trilogy. … Read more

‘Strong Island’ and ‘Jane’ Top 2018 Cinema Eye Honors

Netflix’s harrowing documentary about race and the justice system, “Strong Island,” took numerous prizes at 11th Annual Cinema Eye Honors, including Best Feature, announced Thursday night in New York. The feel-good Jane Goodall documentary “Jane,” from National Geographic and Abramorama, also racked up several honors including Audience Choice and Best Original Score. Read a full … Read more

Why Chewbacca Is the Unsung, Disrespected Hero of the ‘Star Wars’ Universe (Commentary)

Lucasfilm (Note: This post includes at least one spoiler about joke in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”) “The Last Jedi” has kicked up a nuanced discussion among moviegoers and fans on social media about the ideas of failure and the aging of heroes, how people are shaped by failure and how we should embrace the … Read more