Bill Hader’s 12 Best Characters Ranked, From Stefon to Vincent Price (Photos)

Bill Hader’s 12 Best Characters Ranked, From Stefon to Vincent Price (Photos) Hader’s new series “Barry” premieres on HBO Sunday, March 25 Brian Welk | Last Updated: March 25, 2018 @ 9:20 AM [ comments ]

‘SNL’: Bill Hader Brings Stefon Back to Weekend Update (Video)

With former “SNL” cast member Bill Hader returning to host the show this week, they couldn’t help but have him make an appearance on Weekend Update as his enormously popular recurring character Stefon. Stefon showed up on Weekend Update to talk about New York party spots where tourists could spend the last few hours of … Read more

‘SNL’: Bill Hader Is the Canadian Harvey Weinstein and Everyone is Sorry (Video)

The #MeToo movement made it to Canada in an “SNL” sketch that found host Bill Hader as the extremely polite “Canadian Harvey Weinstein.” Hader plays fictional Canadian movie producer Thomas Logan, responsible for such hits in Canada as “Y’Don’t Say,” “It Happened at Tim Hortons,” and “Dave: The Dave Thomas Story, Starring Dave Foley.” “Yeah, … Read more

‘SNL’: Elderly Bill Hader Cracks Up While Trying to Make a Baby with Cecily Strong During Game Night (Video)

Bill Hader led a sketch in which the cast of “SNL” could barely hold it together as he played an elderly man accompanying his much younger wife to hang out with her friends. The component of the sketch that seemed to cause everyone to lose it was the scooter on which Bill Hader’s elderly character … Read more

‘SNL’: John Goodman’s Rex Tillerson Lashes Out Over Being Fired, Yells ‘Trump Is a Moron’

“SNL” tackled the recent firings at the White House in its cold open with a parody of “Anderson Cooper 360” that included a murderer’s row of characters from the Trump administration. As Alex Moffat’s Anderson Cooper kicked off the segment talking about Donald Trump’s administration firing FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on Friday, just a … Read more