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Watching Movies at Home is much Better Compared to Cinemas

Perhaps tonight would be your date night and you want to be it to be romantic by watching romantic movies with your love one. Or maybe you and your friends decided to watch a comedy movie and enjoy each other company and laugh. What will be your decision, going to the theaters or just enjoy the comfort of your home?

Statistics shows that the US and Canada suffered their lowest theater attendance in 2017 compared in 1992. Some of the reasons why watching a movie at home are it is more fun, affordable and is flexible than of the movie theaters.

Here are some reasons why watching a movie at home is far better compared to cinemas.

Much Cheaper

By the end f of 2017 $9 was the average pricing for movie tickets. Comparing the tickets now and from ten years ago back then only cost up to two buck for a movie.

In the present just by going to the cinema will cost you more than the admission itself. I know you would be buying some snacks along with your movie like popcorn, candies, and some drinks also. All those cost can be lessen just by watching the movie you like at home.

Can’t Miss Anything

A lot of people experience this after drinking their soda they have to go to the bathroom. That moment when the scene is the hero is about to give a kiss to the girl, or perhaps the sheriff is about to bust the criminal finally. You cannot experience this at home where you can any time pause the movie.

Snacks are not Limited

The snacks in theaters are just limited and also are overpriced. Also the management will discourage you to bring some food from aside from their store. All of these constraint can be all avoided in the comfort of your home where you can make your own favorite snack and drinks.

You can’t miss a Joke

Ever been a situation when there is a joke at the movie and you can’t seem to hear the joke because of the people started laughing. Well this can also be avoided at home you have the power to rewind and play any part of the movie and you can rewind any joke if you miss.

Parking Space

There that time when you have to find a parking space for your car at the cinema and sometimes you can’t find any. And there are those cases that you would have to compete with others for just a single parking space. Well you shouldn’t have to when you are watching the movie at home.

Worry Not the Kids

Other parents would sometimes leave their children at home just for the sake of watching the movie at the theaters. Imagine you and your family enjoying the movie you would like to watch at home laughing and enjoying each other’s company.


Or maybe you want to watch that sexiest movie of the year. You have your own privacy at home watching these types of movies.

Therefore, all of these benefits can only be attained if you settle to watch the movie at home and enjoy the company of your families and friends.

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