Ratings: Lindsey Vonn Is No Shaun White, But Olympics Still Ice Out Competition


Americans didn’t tune in to root on Lindsey Vonn in nearly the same numbers they showed up for Shaun White last week — but NBC still easily iced out any broadcast competition on Tuesday, including “Bachelor Winter Games.”
NBC was first in ratings with a 3.9 rating/15 share in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic and in total viewers with an average of 16.8 million, according to preliminary numbers. It was all Pyeongchang Olympics competition in primetime.
ABC was second in ratings with a 0.7/3 and third in viewers with 2.7 million. The two-hour “Bachelor Winter Games” at 8 p.m. had a 0.9/3 and 3.2 million viewers. At 10, “Kevin (Probably) Saves the World” settled for a 0.4/2 and 1.5 million viewers.
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CBS and Fox tied for third in ratings, both with a 0.6/2. CBS was second in total viewers with 5.9 million, Fox was fourth with 2.1 million. Both aired all repeats.
Univision and Telemundo tied for fifth in ratings, both with a 0.5/2. Univision was fifth in total viewers with 1.5 million, Telemundo was sixth with 1.3 million.
The CW was seventh in ratings with a 0.2/1 and in viewers with 929,000, running reruns.
31 Highest and Lowest-Rated Shows of the Fall TV Season So Far (Photos)

Six weeks into the 2017-18 TV season and we’ve got a pretty clear snapshot of what shows are flush and which are busts. TheWrap has ranked the 16 highest- and 15 lowest-rated (there were ties, chill) television series based on their Nielsen ratings to-date.
To be fair at both ends of this study, we did not include any shows with fewer than four episodes to calculate. That hurt “Young Sheldon” and saved “SWAT” — so you’re even here, CBS.
By the way, we looked at just entertainment series only, so no sports or news programming. That eliminated all NFL games and shows like “60 Minutes.”
All ratings in this story come from Nielsen’s “most current” data stream, which includes a week’s worth of delayed viewing where available.
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Rank: 1  Series: “This Is Us”   Network: NBC  18-49 Rating: 4.5
This Is… TV’s top show.
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Rank: 2Series: “Big Bang Theory”  Network: CBS  18-49 Rating: 4.2
And spinoff “Young Sheldon” would have been No. 3 on this list, but the new sitcom’s two-episode to-date count eliminated it.
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Rank: 3  Series: “The Good Doctor”  Network: ABC  18-49 Rating: 3.5
“Good Doctor,” GREAT ratings. The clear breakout hit of 2017-18.
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Rank: 4 (tie)  Series: “Will & Grace”  Network: NBC  18-49 Rating: 3.1
After all these years, the revived sitcom is still “Must-see TV,” based on its early Nielsen returns.
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Rank: 4 (tie)  Series: “Grey’s Anatomy”  Network: ABC  18-49 Rating: 3.1
This patient just won’t die.
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Rank: 4 (tie)  Series: “Empire”  Network: Fox  18-49 Rating: 3.1
Don’t tell Lucious and Cookie Lyon (or Dana Walden and Gary Newman, for that matter) their “Empire” is crumbling — because it’s clearly not.
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Rank: 7  Series: “The Voice”  Network: NBC  18-49 Rating: 2.8
The hills are alive with the sound of music, and so is NBC’s singing competition.
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Rank: 8  Series: “Modern Family”  Network: ABC  18-49 Rating: 2.7
Who needs Emmys when you still haul in this type of viewership?  ABC
Rank: 9  Series: “The Voice” (Tuesday)  Network: NBC  18-49 Rating: 2.5
See: “The Voice.” Then flip your daily calendar to Tuesday.
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Rank: 10  Series: “Survivor”  Network: CBS  18-49 Rating: 2.2
The title is apt for this reality hit in its 35th season. That is not a typo.
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Rank: 11 (tie)  Series: “Chicago PD”  Network: NBC  18-49 Rating: 2.0
It’s one of Dick Wolf’s biggest current hits…
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Rank: 11 (tie)  Series: “Law & Order: SVU”  Network: NBC  18-49 Rating: 2.0
…Here’s the other.
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Rank: 11 (tie)  Series: “Criminal Minds”  Network: CBS  18-49 Rating: 2.0
Judging from its enviable viewership, you can’t even tell the show’s two biggest stars left before this current season.
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Rank: 11 (tie)  Series: “The Goldbergs”  Network: ABC  18-49 Rating: 2.0
This wouldn’t have been a very good rating in the ’80s, but it is now.
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Rank: 11 (tie)  Series: “The Orville”  Network: Fox  18-49 Rating: 2.0
Seth MacFarlane can thank Fox for a very gracious launch time slot after the NFL’s opening Sunday game, which is why this drama (yes, it’s a drama) makes the list.
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Rank: 11 (tie)  Series: “Star”  Network: Fox  18-49 Rating: 2.0
A “Star” is born? More like a “Star” has an “Empire” lead-in this season.
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“Chicago Fire,” “American Housewife,” “The Gifted,” “NCIS” and “SEAL Team” just missed the cut — each currently averages a 1.9 rating.
Now, on to the bad ones, ranked from worst to incrementally less awful.
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Rank: Dead last  Series: “The Toy Box”  Network: ABC  18-49 Rating: 0.4
The worst gift this holiday season.
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Rank: Second-to-last  Series: “The Exorcist”  Network: Fox  18-49 Rating: 0.6
Exorcise this Friday show from Fox’s schedule already.
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Rank: Third-to-last (tie)  Series: “Ten Days in the Valley”  Network: ABC  18-49 Rating: 0.7
More like “Four Hours in the Time Slot.” That’s how many episodes “Ten Days” got before being banished to Saturdays.
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Rank: Fourth-to-last (tie)  Series: “Once Upon a Time”  Network: ABC  18-49 Rating: 1.0
You had to really believe in fairy tales to bring this one back for another season.
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Rank: Fourth-to-last (tie)  Series: “Marvel’s Inhumans”  Network: ABC  18-49 Rating: 1.0
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Rank: Fourth-to-last (tie)  Series: “America’s Funniest Home Videos”    Network: ABC  18-49 Rating: 1.0
We can’t make fun of this one, somehow still plugging along in its 28th actual year. Yeah, this show has been on ABC since 1989.
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Rank: Fourth-to-last (tie)  Series: “Madam Secretary”  Network: CBS  18-49 Rating: 1.0
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Rank: Eighth-to-last (tie)  Series: “Kevin (Probably) Saves the World ” Network: ABC  18-49 Rating: 1.1
Spoiler: He does not.
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Rank: Eighth-to-last (tie)  Series: “MacGyver”  Network: CBS  18-49 Rating: 1.1
It’s a Friday show, but even Les Moonves can’t save this one with a paperclip and some chewing gum.
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Rank: Eighth-to-last (tie)  Series: “Great News”  Network: NBC  18-49 Rating: 1.1
Not a great show, not even decent ratings.
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Rank: 11th-to-last (tie)  Series: “Lucifer”  Network: Fox  18-49 Rating: 1.2
Star Tom Ellis would have to make a deal with the Devil for a fourth season.
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Rank: 11th-to-last (tie)  Series: “Last Man on Earth”  Network: Fox  18-49 Rating: 1.2
Last season on Fox?  Fox
Rank: 11th-to-last (tie)  Series: “Hell’s Kitchen”  Network: Fox  18-49 Rating: 1.2
Burn in Hell alongside Lucifer.
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Rank: 11th-to-last (tie)  Series: “The Mayor”  Network: ABC  18-49 Rating: 1.2
Don’t even bother running for reelection.
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Rank: 11th-to-last (tie)  Series: “Me, Myself and I”  Network: CBS  18-49 Rating: 1.2
Nope, No and Not a chance.
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“Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Fresh Off the Boat” and “Wisdom of the Crowd” managed to escape damnation here — each of those three shows have a 1.3 average.
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