Everything you need to know about Curling

Sign up for the MACH newsletterYou have been successfully added to our newsletter.A daily newsletter charting the future: From technology to the scientific breakthroughs changing our lives.machEverything you need to know about CurlingTo a first-time observer Curling might look like a sport where people are simply throwing rocks down an ice track. But there is much more to curling than meets the eye. It is the only sport in the world where players have the ability to affect the outcome of their actions after the fact. In other words the trajectory of a curling stone can be influenced even after it’s released. Achieving the perfect balance of skill, athleticism and physics in curling is one of the Olympics’ greatest challenges.MachEverything you need to know about CurlingLearning to Fly: Wind tunnel training takes ski jumper Sarah Hendrickson to new heightsAn algorithm to choose your valentine?Sliding down at 90 mph: The science behind the fastest sport on iceThis new robot can hold the door for its friendThe largest underwater volcano explosion, we almost missedBest of MACHPlay AllBest of MACHmachmachmachmachmachmachMORE FROM mach