The hallelujah cure: Trump campaign adviser says pray away the flu

Photo: Yahoo News photo illustration; photos: AP, Getty ImagesBrethren, our topic for this week’s column is the flu, because I have it.I followed the advice of the Centers for Disease Control and got a vaccination, which may or may not have lessened my symptoms. But then I discovered I had neglected the most important prophylaxis of all: prayer.This advice came from the evangelist Gloria Copeland, who with her husband, Kenneth, runs a religious empire based largely on faith healing. Copeland The neo-Nazi has no clothes: In search of Matt Heimbach’s bogus ‘white ethnostate’The man who hid in a church, and the church that hid him: An immigrant story with an uncertain endingIn wake of church shootings, pastors and worshipers arm themselves to shoot backPhotos: Carnival celebrations in Brazil