‘Daily Show’ Contributor Michelle Wolf Grabs Netflix Weekly Late-Night Series

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Long-time “The Daily Show” contributor Michelle Wolf has landed her own late-night series at Netflix.
The currently untitled show is a weekly, half hour series set to premiere later this year.
According to the show’s logline, the comedian plans to use her program to take a break from the seriousness of late-night comedy. Instead of making the news fun, she’ll make fun of everything and everybody. There will be no preaching or political agenda…unless it’s funny.
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Wolf has four years of late-night under her belt, with time spent on “The Daily Show” and “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” And she plans to buck tradition now that it’s her time to shine.
“You can expect the types of jokes my former bosses would tell me we couldn’t do on TV,” Wolf said.
“We’re thrilled to be working with Michelle, a gifted writer and performer with a singular voice,” said Bela Bajaria, Netflix’s vice president of content.
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Wolf will executive produce the series under her Cats in Pants banner, along with Daniel Bodansky. Dan Powell (“Inside Amy Schumer”) and Christine Nangle (“The President’s Show,” “The Mick”) will act as co-show runners and executive producers.
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2017 was definitely a great year for late-night TV, so it’s going to be pretty tough for 2018 to fill its shoes. Then again, we think we said that about 2016.
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