‘This Is Us’ Finally Revealed How Jack Died and Fans Are More Than a Little Fired Up About It

(Major spoiler alert: Do not read ahead if you have not seen the post-Super Bowl episode of “This Is Us” that aired on Sunday, appropriately named, “Super Bowl Sunday.”)
Well, NBC and “This Is Us” kept their promise. During the special post-Super Bowl episode of the family drama, viewers did in fact find out how Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) met his untimely end — but not in the way most fans were expecting him to.
See, the show had drilled into its viewers that Jack died the night of a horrific house fire on Super Bowl Sunday of 1998, which was started by a very old family Crock-Pot with a faulty switch. The promos for Sunday’s episode featured shots of the Pearson home ablaze, so the majority of the fandom’s recent theories revolved around how Milo’s character would die in the flames.
But when the episode aired, we learned Jack made it out fine. In fact, everyone made it out fine, including Kate’s dog, who Jack went back in to save. Heck, the world’s best dad even managed to grab some family mementos before the house was burnt to a crisp. But it was those acts of kindness that led to his shocking fatality, which actually occurred at the hospital where he was getting checked out post-fire.
Our fearless patriarch ultimately died after going into sudden cardiac arrest due to smoke inhalation. Fans were not emotionally prepared for this revelation, and neither was Rebecca (Mandy Moore), who had left Jack’s hospital room moments before his death to make a phone call and hit up a vending machine.
Viewers used every crying GIF in existence to express their anguish on Twitter. But several found a way to laugh through the pain, by tweeting screen shots of altered versions of the Wikipedia entry for smoke inhalation and how it “can be avoided if you don’t go back in for the dog.”
Check out some of Twitter’s most intense, tragic and hilarious reactions to Jack’s cause of death below.
The next episode of “This Is Us” will air in the show’s regular time slot, on Tuesday at 9/8c on NBC.

y’all are too quick #ThisIsUs pic.twitter.com/icdHlRcuqN
— liz (@lizkhalifanyc) February 5, 2018

BUT DONT GO TO THE HOSPITAL WHERE JACK PEARSON WENT! #wikipedia #ThisIsUs pic.twitter.com/25XwtcGYpn
— Victoria Frank (@VictoriaWFrank) February 5, 2018

What #ThisIsUs
Not like this – Noooo! pic.twitter.com/na62ndJbrF
— SAM6 (@travelong6) February 5, 2018

Just like that Jack is gone. I’m not ok. #ThisIsUs pic.twitter.com/oDT8IurSAE
— Theresa M. O. Dennard (@abenamirekua) February 5, 2018

— Princess Buttercup???? (@IreeneGee_23) February 5, 2018

“He gone?”#ThisIsUs pic.twitter.com/GIXkKzLLm4
— QuietKahhz (@831BlacDymond) February 5, 2018

Right when you expect to know how Jack met his end, @NBCThisisUs pulls the rug out. The more understated, the more powerful. Well done, @Dan_Fogelman. #ThisIsUs
— Dan Buffa (@buffa82) February 5, 2018

All of Twitter right now:
#ThisIsUs pic.twitter.com/7eGx20VFEZ
— em_ily (@emmisok) February 5, 2018

Me for the last season and a half: “Ok, Kate is being hard on herself. It can’t be her fault.”
Me after tonight: “Yeah, Kate, it is your fault. We’re done.” #ThisIsUs
— Matt Dowell (@TheMattDowell) February 5, 2018

when you knew jack was gonna die this whole time but still shocked while watching #thisisus pic.twitter.com/rvec1gopjA
— beezie o’donnell (@bzod42) February 5, 2018

I DON’T EVEN KNOW THIS MAN, THIS IS A SHOW, I’M DONE. These are the things that I tell myself every week and it never get better. #ThisIsUs pic.twitter.com/06KBx81jX4
— ZVY (@BlessedZvy) February 5, 2018

this is us: a show about jacks deaththis is us: jack diesme: #ThisIsUs pic.twitter.com/dZved2C34o
— thotimus prime (@Igbtqa) February 5, 2018

Me right now. #ThisIsUs pic.twitter.com/SrXGnKbGz5
— beckie houston (@BeckieHouston) February 5, 2018

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